Zakat to Progress Education Project (English)

Education is the first step towards escaping poverty. However, increasing numbers of poor Muslim students across Myanmar have dropped out of schools due to low family income and high expenses for schooling. In Myanmar, public schools are being replaced by expensive private classes and residential schools. Fees and expenses are rising each year, making many Muslim students unable to enroll in these classes and school. As a result, many are trapped in a circle of poverty: poverty blocks their access to education, and their low education in turn blocks their access to better paying jobs.

A large number of low educated and uneducated young people is worrying for the future of the population, as they are also less likely to be liberated from poverty.

Therefore, MMSY has launched a new initiative called “Zakat to Progress Education Project”. The aim of the project is to support poor Muslim students across Myanmar who are entitled to Zakat. The project is to enroll grade 10 (or 10 Standard) students in private classes and residential schools, and support school fees and general expenses
-       provide financial supports and academic services to university students
-       finance distance education students for private classes and accommodation
-       finance grade 8 and 9 students for private classes and general expenses
-       give general case-by-case supports to students in need of financial assistance
-       promote basic education (Myanmar, English, Computer and Internet) at religious and orphanage schools.

We invite brothers and sisters to contribute Zakat donation to our “Zakat to Progress Education Progress”. Since the future of Muslims in Myanmar depends on educated young people, we request brothers and sisters to join hands with us to promote educated young people of the future. (Note: We also welcome non-Zakat donations). 

You can either donate online or directly in person.

To donate online, please Click Here for Zakat donation, Click Here for Non-Zakat donation).

To donate in person, please contact

Yangon and other cities
60-12264-8265 <or> 60-1630-36742
65-9237-8562 <or> 65-9025-1627 <or> 65-9755-6531
44 79885-88358
Countries not listed

Transparency and Accountability Policy

We are strongly committed to transparency and accountability to our donors and service users. The following is our transparency and accountability policy.

Ø Financial Management and Project Implementation

-       Each project has a separate financial and budgeting account.
-       Financial reports detailing incomes and expenses will be reported to donors and contributors every three months.
-       Donors may request update budget information, should one wish to access it prior to regular reporting period.
-       Zakat money is to be used strictly for the educational development of students except general operation costs specific to the project. That is, Zakat money will not be spent on MMSY expenses (MMSY office costs, staff salary, etc.).
-       There will be a field study every four months to evaluate the success of the project in relation to expenses. Students will be surveyed to ensure that their needs are met. Once the program is well established, annual evaluation will be conducted.

Ø Privacy and Confidentiality

-       Should a donor request to remain anonymous, personal information will not be enclosed in financial reports.
-       Personal information of students supported by the project will be strictly confidential to avoid psychological impacts on the students. (Note: MMSY plans to launch a new initiative called “Sponsor a Student” project for donors who prefer to sponsor specific individual students. In order to assist in making decision, we will send the students’ files with agreement regarding confidentiality. But the students’ information will not be reported in financial documents.)

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